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A great Jewish gesture of support to Muslims in Queens

All is still well. An alert from a Rabbi to an abused mosque in Queens, New York, unleashed a flood of support from across the country, including from Jews, Christians, pagans, and others. A drunk man urinated on the prayer rugs of Al-Iman mosque. That alert led to a social movement on the web to gather […]


Another casualty of the rhetoric against American Muslims: NY cab driver allegedly stabbed for being Muslim! It is not a surprise this is happening now. The fiery rhetoric against American Muslims is inflaming anger and hostility. When will it stop? I just had another Hannity Radio Show debate with David Horowitz, which I will post tomorrow. I am not sure what his Freedom Center is doing about preserving our freedom […]


Time to laugh at our mosque politics with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Municipal Land-Use Hearing Update Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party In his Municipal Land-Use Update, Stewart talks some common sense about how odd our politics and politicians are on the not-at-ground-zero mosque!