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Another casualty of the rhetoric against American Muslims: NY cab driver allegedly stabbed for being Muslim!

It is not a surprise this is happening now. The fiery rhetoric against American Muslims is inflaming anger and hostility. When will it stop?

I just had another Hannity Radio Show debate with David Horowitz, which I will post tomorrow. I am not sure what his Freedom Center is doing about preserving our freedom when he is opposing the religious right of Muslims to build a mosque and community center near Ground Zero. He asked me if it were Jews who committed the 9-11 atrocities, would you let them have a synagogue near Ground Zero. “YES” I told him, because I am American first and I adhere to the rules of this land and cherish preserving what is best about America: Democracy and freedom for ALL. His answer was: “You are a Jihadi!” I told him I am American. It seems like we’re living in a new age of McCarthyism. If I don’t go with his flow, I am a Jihadi! I am not sure about his allegiances and his ideology of spreading hatred against Muslims. I wonder how his camp would react to the NY cabbie victim of such hateful rhetoric!