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Setting the record straight on Hannity Show

I was supposed to discuss religious persecution in Iran and Pakistan on the Hannity Show. Instead, the conversation shifted to the old topic of the radicalism of Imam Abdul Rauf of the Islamic center near Ground Zero. Luckily this time around I had more time to set the record straight on the Imam as a […]


Christiane Amanpour to moderate a debate on whether Americans should fear Islam

Stay tune for this heated debate on Sunday @ 10 on ABC.  The guests: Evangelist Franklin Graham, Daisy Khan — Executive Director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement and one of the leading organizers behind the planned mosque and Islamic community center in New York City, Azar Nafisi, Author of “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” Robert Spencer of […]


Muslim Americans find their voice amid the shouts!

The open expressions of hostility to Muslims wanting to build community centers and mosques have been obvious in towns across the U.S. Many polls taken recently on Muslims have pointed to one conclusion: anti-Muslim sentiment is on the rise. But the loud voices of demagogues raising the fear of Islam and Muslims in America have […]


Read what was edited out of my Hannity radio debate with Horowitz

I debated David Horowitz on Sean Hannity radio show a couple of days ago. Point blank Horowitz asked me if I would agree to the building of a synagogue near ground zero if the 9-11 terrorists were Jewish. I answered him with a clear YES, saying “I am American first and foremost and my actions […]


Debating Hannity & Ex-CIA Officer Over Mosque

On the Hannity Show on Aug. 9, I debated Republican Congressional candidate and former CIA Officer Gary Bernsten: Bernsten already declared the mosque “a magnet for militants.” While he doesn’t even know Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, he assumed the Imam is radical or guilty by association for knowing the former  Iranian Ambassador, whose brother […]


Keith Olbermann: There is no “Ground Zero Mosque”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Keith Olbermann talks about the willingness of a seemingly rational society to condone the collective punishment and scapegoating of innocent victims. His interpretation of the not-at-ground zero mosque and community center reveals just how naive it is to assume this would be a […]


Time to laugh at our mosque politics with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Municipal Land-Use Hearing Update Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party In his Municipal Land-Use Update, Stewart talks some common sense about how odd our politics and politicians are on the not-at-ground-zero mosque!