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Read what was edited out of my Hannity radio debate with Horowitz

I debated David Horowitz on Sean Hannity radio show a couple of days ago. Point blank Horowitz asked me if I would agree to the building of a synagogue near ground zero if the 9-11 terrorists were Jewish. I answered him with a clear YES, saying “I am American first and foremost and my actions should support the foundation on which our democracy is built: Freedom of religion for ALL.” But his actions on the other hand, I said, limit freedom and ignite hatred, thus his agenda is unAmerican.  Then there was a long pause from typically talkative Horowitz. Whoops, that entire conversation was cut out.

Shortly after that he accused me as a Jew hater, and screamed shut up, which of course could be heard loud and clear in the interview. The intolerant Horowitz criticized the bloody history of Islam at length, but when I mentioned the Crusaders, that was cut off, too.

In America, we don’t judge people by their color, race or religion. We have freedom to believe in any religion, thought or ideology as long as we abide by laws of this land.  That’s the Imam’s version of a peaceful Sharia that he wants the entire Muslim world emulate, but his message is constantly being distorted. We all should stand up and fight the ideology that divides us, spreads hatred and fear, endorses collective punishment, and causes violence, like the recent stabbing of an innocent NY cabbie for being Muslim. Most importantly, we all should act AMERICAN first, and protect our democracy from the likes of Horowitz, who ironically heads a Freedom Center but wants to curb it for American Muslims! Thanks for the Jewish listeners and others who sent me emails of solidarity even though they didn’t fully support my views.