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Setting the record straight on Hannity Show

I was supposed to discuss religious persecution in Iran and Pakistan on the Hannity Show. Instead, the conversation shifted to the old topic of the radicalism of Imam Abdul Rauf of the Islamic center near Ground Zero. Luckily this time around I had more time to set the record straight on the Imam as a […]


First it was the mosque, now it’s Campbell’s soup!

Campbell is embracing more of America’s diversity by offering Halal soup in order to accommodate the Islamic dietary requirements, besides its large collection of soups that suit every taste. But that’s not digestible to radical figures like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, who proudly refers to herself as ” the racist-Islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot.”  They assume the Halal-certified […]


Debating Horowitz on Hannity radio show

David Horowitz is focused mainly on Hamas. I am focused on our freedom of religion rights that people like him could chip away compromising democracy for everybody in America. I live in America and I care about what’s happening in my backyard, not about the crazy stuff going on in the Middle East. Muslims in […]


Read what was edited out of my Hannity radio debate with Horowitz

I debated David Horowitz on Sean Hannity radio show a couple of days ago. Point blank Horowitz asked me if I would agree to the building of a synagogue near ground zero if the 9-11 terrorists were Jewish. I answered him with a clear YES, saying “I am American first and foremost and my actions […]