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Debating Horowitz on Hannity radio show

David Horowitz is focused mainly on Hamas. I am focused on our freedom of religion rights that people like him could chip away compromising democracy for everybody in America. I live in America and I care about what’s happening in my backyard, not about the crazy stuff going on in the Middle East. Muslims in America practice their faith peacefully while abiding by the law, yet they are demonized by those who don’t approve of Islam as a religion. Why are people like Horowitz debating the faith of 7 million Muslims in America, when faith itself is an extension of our given rights?Horowitz alleges that Hamas is behind the funding of the Ground Zero mosque, but he has no proof because it is a LIE. Unfortunately, the exaggeration of Islamic threat in America by the likes of Horowitz and Newt Gingrich has frightened not only Americans, but Muslims too from angry reprisals. Many fear they are easy targets because of their veil and looks. Among them is Nadya, who recently wrote me after the stabbing of a NY cabbie for being a Muslim: “I have family and children. Children will be significant victims of hate mongers and bullies out there. Please, protect them from those predators.”