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Fears of Sharia vs. undisclosed campaign funding

Which is more dangerous to our democracy and the wellbeing of our society: A fabricated Sharia takeover or undisclosed campaign funding sources? Click here for the article!


Read what was edited out of my Hannity radio debate with Horowitz

I debated David Horowitz on Sean Hannity radio show a couple of days ago. Point blank Horowitz asked me if I would agree to the building of a synagogue near ground zero if the 9-11 terrorists were Jewish. I answered him with a clear YES, saying “I am American first and foremost and my actions […]


Another casualty of the rhetoric against American Muslims: NY cab driver allegedly stabbed for being Muslim! It is not a surprise this is happening now. The fiery rhetoric against American Muslims is inflaming anger and hostility. When will it stop? I just had another Hannity Radio Show debate with David Horowitz, which I will post tomorrow. I am not sure what his Freedom Center is doing about preserving our freedom […]