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Setting the record straight on Hannity Show

I was supposed to discuss religious persecution in Iran and Pakistan on the Hannity Show. Instead, the conversation shifted to the old topic of the radicalism of Imam Abdul Rauf of the Islamic center near Ground Zero. Luckily this time around I had more time to set the record straight on the Imam as a […]


Time to laugh at our mosque politics with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show takes a hilarious look at our politics and naive media coverage of the Muslim center near Ground Zero. After his absences, Imam Abdul Rauf shared on CNN his worries about US national security from the radicals’ reaction to removing the center. But the media and politicians took his worries as a threat […]


CBS’ Pelley to Geller: “You are not telling the truth in your blog”

A great 60 Minutes report by Scott Pelley shows the ugly truth behind the people exploiting the Islamic Center near ground zero to their political advantage at the expense of dividing our country and hurting innocent Muslims.