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About me

I am an Egyptian-American filmmaker and journalist who values America’s unparalleled freedom. Since the controversial Muslim community center near Ground Zero, I’ve experienced first-hand a new kind of sanctioned anti-semitism towards Muslims in the media. So I decided to track and analyze how well our media educate or disinform us about controversial issues involving Muslims in America that ultimately influence public opinion and our democracy. My blog features underrepresented views and my media debates of these issues.  Below are links to some of my film work on American Muslims. (Photo courtesy of the Washington Post)

1. Mahmood’s Eye: In 60 seconds, learn about Islam through the art of a car mechanic!

Want to know more about Mahmood, then check out Soul Mechanic, which made the Metro cover of the Washington Post:

In the midst of the increasing anti-mosque fervor, my short film Beyond Faith gives you a glance into what Muslim community centers and mosques actually do for our communities:

And last but not least, for those who believe the veil is an oppression, The Colors of Veil is an example of a former US soldier embracing Islam and choosing to wear the veil as she reaches out to transform her community. The film won the national Link TV-One Nation Many Voices award for best documentary on American Muslim women:

For more information, check out my website: