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Debating Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity

Brigitte Gabriel believes just because we have more mosques here since 9-11 that there is now enough tolerance of Muslims in America, ignoring the fact that hostilities to Muslims recently are on the rise as seen in headlines all over the media. Indeed the Department of Justice is already investigating a handful of anti-Muslim incidents in four states, including the stabbing of a Muslim cabbie in NYC. In addition, FBI agents and civil rights division investigators are looking into vandalism and other incidents at mosques or mosque construction sites in Arlington, Texas, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Madera, Calif.; and Waterport, N.Y. Brigitte, who assumes President Obama is shamefully Muslim just because he’s trying to make peace with the Islamic world that we are at war with in Iraq and Afghanistan, is demanding that Mecca open its doors for non-Muslims if American Muslims want to have their center near ground zero. What a flawed logic that once again imposes our supremacy on the world! If Saudi Arabia has one holy city for Muslims whether right or wrong, it is their sovereignty. But if America has a Constitution that guarantees religious freedom for ALL about to break, that is a scar in our democracy. Today, Muslims can be scapegoated, but tomorrow some other group will be the target. America offers light and hope to the world. But it seems the people who are trying to act like they care about this country are magnifying the Muslim threat while trying to tear down the foundation of our pluralistic democracy and divide its citizens. That’s unAmerican!