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Department of Justice investigates anti-Muslim acts in 5 states

Check out these acts against American Muslims. Even after 9-11, there wasn’t such a surge in violence against Muslims. Why now??? Is it our frustration with the bad economy that’s being channeled into anger with Muslims, as politicians try to advance their careers and scapegoat Muslims!!! How come in the freest country in the world that respects the religious freedom and rights of its people, a Gainsville church in Florida is ready to burn 1000 Qurans… What good could come out of that? Do we need to push the envelope so far with Muslims in the U.S. and the world to see how badly they react and then judge them as such? Already mini protests are taking place, including in Pakistan, where American flag and a figure representing President Obama were burned… Do we need to show the world how much we disrespect Muslims? Do we need more enemies?Jesus encouraged forgiveness and compassion. Where are Jesus’ teachings in the act of that church?