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In 48 hours, Michael Moore raises $50,000 from Americans to support Park51

Michael Moore says Americans who believe in religious freedom should stop the bullies who want to stop building the Muslim community center near Ground Zero. He called upon each American to donate a dollar to support the center and stop Donald Trump from Trumping this project. Within minutes of his initial fundraising, he netted $10,000. In 48 hours, Moore had $50,000. Some could only contribute $5 because they were out of work or their house was in foreclosure. Even those who thought Moore was “offensive,” like retired soldier Trent Woodruff, said Moore was “spot-on.” On Real Time with Bill Maher, Moore was¬†skeptical that 70% Americans were against the Muslim center, considering 70% had supported our war in Iraq. He describes Gingrich and Palin as cleric Gingrich and Mulla Taliban Palin for their level of bigotry that is so unAmerican. If they want to create a Muslim-free zone there, “Palin (should) to raise those Muslims (who perished on 9-11) up from the dead and remove them from there because their ashes are still there on Ground Zero.” ¬†But to keep with the humor of the show, he suggested removing McDonalds away from Ground Zero, since it killed more people than the 19 hijackers!