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Campaign already started against NPR

Additionally, former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee also called for governmental defunding of NPR, condemning the decision to fire Williams as “censorship… It is time for the taxpayers to start making cuts to federal spending, and I encourage the new Congress to start with NPR.”

Fox News Channel contributor Michelle Malkin said in her blog:¬†” Let CAIR and Soros pay for prog-tested, jihadi-approved propaganda: DE-FUND NPR.” She’s crying “lynch mob” and “political correctness is the handmaiden of terror trying to show that NPR decided to fire Juan Williams because of George Soros’ infusion of $1.8 million to NPR. That Open Society Foundation funding is actually intended to help NPR hire at least 100 journalists at its stations across the country in the coming three years in order to properly cover state governments and how their actions affect people, beyond the influences of money or politics. George Soros had already made a $1 million-donation to Media Matters in order to counteract the hateful and biased messages of Fox News.

This is not about intimidation or restriction of freedom of speech. This is about handling free speech responsibly so you don’t endorse an Islamophobic views on anything that has to do with Muslims and their faith. Judging people is based on their character and actions… Juan’s views were not necessarily about few terrorists. It was about him fearing Muslims when they’re on an airplane. That’s called racism. ¬†Journalists in many established places keep their personal feelings and ideologies in their homes so that their work can be appreciated for its objectivity and balance without any outside influences of their personal views.