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Are American media feeding inaccurate debate about “Ground Zero Mosque”?

A quick glance at this video will show you how the US media seems to mislead the public by framing the Muslim community center near ground zero as “The Ground Zero Mosque.” The fact is this is NOT a mosque, but rather a community center modeled after the Y and the Jewish Community Center, with a praying space for people of different religions, including Muslims. After an article on this community center appeared last December in the New York Times without controversy, anti-Muslim groups like Pamela Geller’s Stop Islamization of America, revived it in blogs framing it as the “Ground Zero Mosque” to inflame the public. ┬áThe story along with its misleading framing was picked up by the New York Post, Fox, then the majority of mainstream media and some politicians, and the rest is history. Not surprisingly, the outcome of this well-orchestrated and misleading framing: 71% disapprove of the location of the “Ground Zero Mosque.”